Being a fan of the “X-Men” movies, I just adore Wolverine. He’s tough, stubborn, independent, and just plain cool.

How about his fascinating X-Man power? You can shoot Wolverine, stab him, even try to blow him to kingdom come…that guy just keeps on regenerating…and FAST. It’s incredible, the big hits he takes. What’s that clichéd little phrase, “takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’…”

By now you’re probably thinking, okay Kit, fine. So what does this homeopathic Houdini have to do with my daily job search? Well, you and I both know how nerve-wracking a job search can be. At times, your job search can be frustrating, draining, and some days, you probably feel like you’re taking a few big hits yourself…

*Job search headache #1: posting all those resumes online & getting little or no response…

*Job search headache #2: mailing out bunches of resumes and cover letters, responding to ads and getting hardly any calls…

*Job search headache #3: making cold calls, dozens of them, and you seem to get nowhere…

*Job search headache #4: you might even get an interview every now and then for a job you really want. All seems to go well, you might even share a laugh or two with the interviewer—and for whatever reason, you’re still not hired for the position! Now that’s taking a huge hit!

Those are the times when your job search probably feels the most frustrating, almost like you’re running in place and getting nowhere. But the reality is, it’s what comes with looking for your dream job. When I sat in the theater, watching the abuse Wolverine took, and how he kept on going, survived it, got past it, and even kept coming back for more, I couldn’t help but compare it to the toil of a job search. I know, I’m a complete geek.

So on those days you feel weary and frustrated with your job search, days you might want to scream your head off, just stop, take a few deep breaths and gather yourself. If you’re not getting the results you want, it could be something as simple as forgetting to include one of the following things:

Job Search Tip #1: Be sure to send a cover letter. Too many jobseekers don’t realize the true value of including a cover letter with your resume.  Your cover letter, unlike your resume, gives you the chance to “speak” directly to your potential employer. You get to state, in your own personal words, why you’re the best candidate for the job. You get the chance to present your own skills and achievements, your genuine interest in the company, and to explain how this can benefit the company. And while you’re at it, be sure to ask for that interview!

Job Search Tip #2: Keep right on networking…never think it’s useless! Yeah, I know. It’s not exactly the most thrilling thing to do. But try to remember, it could lead to your landing that dream job you’ve been after for so long. So keep business cards on you at all times. And never miss the chance to meet someone in your line of work, or someone who knows someone in your line of work. Exchange business cards, and one day soon, send your new contact an informative article, a juicy tip, or a job lead that might interest them. You do this, and they’ll not only thank you, but remember you for it. And best of all, if that great job lead you’re looking for comes their way, chances are great that they’ll think to contact you first.

Job Search Tip #3: Send a thank-you letter. Always, after each and every single interview. And please don’t send it a few days afterwards, or even the day after the interview—that’s way too late. Send that thank-you letter out the minute you get back from your interview. Soon as you hit the door, sit down and type it out. Be sure to include your interviewer’s full name and title, and thank them for taking the time to see you. Then of course, hustle on over to the post office and mail it out. By sending a thank-you letter, you give yourself the chance to stand out from the other applicants with your clean professionalism. It also gives the company a clear impression of how much you want this position.

One thing you might notice about these job search tips, is that they’re all personalized. A cover letter, networking, and a thank-you letter, are all opportunities to reveal your character. The type of person you are—whether you’re creative, diligent, personable, and how you can bring these character traits to the job in ways that will benefit their company.

So are you doing these things already, and still not getting the job search results you want? Well, here’s where the Wolverine part of it kicks in. Just keep persisting, like he does. Wolverine can be a cynic, but he still takes risks. The odds can be totally stacked against Wolverine, but he never gives up. No matter how dark or bleak the situation may look, no matter how many times he’s cut, kicked, abused and nearly killed, he just keeps coming back, physically and mentally. His spirit is unbreakable.

Just keep pushing and believe in yourself. Things don’t happen overnight. But you’ll get there eventually. It may happen even sooner than you think.

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