"Boosting Your Job Search--Getting The Edge Over Your Competition--Part 2"

By Kit Samuels--Professional Resume Writer
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Here are a few Internet sites you can check out, to help you find information about a company. My advice is to relax, take your time with this, and focus on the information you’re reading.

1. www.vaultreports.com: This website gives you constantly updated information on over 3,000 companies. This site includes interviews with employees, both past and present, & gives you detailed information on what it’s like to work for a certain company. Surveys include information on corporate culture, the interview process, and what kinds of interview questions were asked. This one’s a goldmine. You can also find employee posting and message boards where you can easily network with company employees and get awesome insider job advice.

2. www.wetfeet.com: At this website, you’re able to research company profiles, industries and a company’s salary data. You can get career advice, and find out how many employees are working at whichever company you’re targeting. This site also offers information on how certain companies are doing against the competition.

3. www.acinet.org (America’s Career Infonet): Here you can research potential employers, and get occupational and industry information. You can also create customized profiles and build your own files on certain companies for future reference.


Now that you have this priceless information, you may be wondering, what do I do with it? Here are a couple of suggestions that I think could give a decent boost to your overall job search efforts:

Use the information when developing your cover letter. When submitting a cover letter along with your resume (something you should always do, by the way), customize your cover letter as much as possible with specific names, numbers, percentages, dollar amounts and any items of information related to the company’s current events and projected growth.

First of all, find out the name of the person who is hiring for the position. A letter addressed ‘To Whom It May Concern’ is very cold, impersonal, and doesn’t reflect much interest for the position or the company. Call the company, preferably the Human Resources department, and find out the name of the person that will be interviewing/hiring for the position. You’d be surprised—it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Once you have the name, you can address your letter directly to that person. Doing this will show that you took the time to actually find out that person’s name, and this can only speak volumes about you and raise the possibility meter for you as a potential hire.


More than likely, during your interview, the person interviewing you will ask if you have any questions. Here’s a great opportunity for you to ask about the company using the research you’ve gathered. You can touch on a recent company development—again, doing this shows your true interest in working for this company.


Getting that job you want most might seem a world away at times, even impossible on those extra frustrating days. But don’t give in to those negative thoughts you might have…all you may need is to make a few changes to your overall job search. Take the time to do extra research on the companies you’d like to work for. Boosting your job search results may take some rewriting of your overall resume, and/or adding and changing a few things here and there on your cover letters.


Take your time to read, reread, and fully understand these job search tips. Following the advice in this article and using it to improve your resumes and cover letters can lead to more of the phone calls you want. Best of luck to you in your job search!

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