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Isn’t it just a royal pain, going blank while trying to write your resume?

You know that you’re hardworking, and able to bring loads of talent and dedication to any decent, reputable company. They’d be nuts not to hire you, right?

So how do you get all of this great stuff down on paper?

Let me just say, first off, that only you can list your unique achievements, things that no one else accomplished but you. Examples:

*Developed computer filing system that increased productivity by 23%
*Created Business Sense, a company newsletter featuring articles about accomplishments and company growth

But don’t grit your teeth just yet—what I’ve got here is a varied list of skills, talents and abilities that can be placed onto most resumes, no matter what position you’re applying for. I’m sure you’ll find at least 2-3, if not more, that you can use to spice up your own resume writing and greatly improve your job search results.

So go on and use whichever resume writing phrases & templates you feel that best describe you. Use them as is, reword them—make them work for you. And create that eye-catching, persuasive, interview-winning resume for yourself.

Greatest of luck to you in your job search, and never give up!

Resume Writing—Sample Phrases & Skills Templates

1. Able to bring productive energy, accuracy and enthusiasm to both individual and group projects

2. Friendly, positive disposition, able to converse with a pleasant and uplifting attitude

3. Persuasive demeanor, skilled at influencing the opinions & ideas of others and eventually convincing them to try or purchase a product or service

4. Effective contributor—capable of voicing opinions about ideas/projects and giving valuable input when needed

5. Always looking to work beyond any expectations and deliver exceptional results

6. Experienced at taking overwhelming, confusing situations and creating organization, efficiency and productivity

7. Effective manager—skilled at accomplishing projects by wisely delegating portions of workflow to those best able to complete certain tasks

8. Effective counselor/consultant—able to pinpoint needs of prospects/clients and give beneficial advice when needed

9. Quick and enthusiastic study—enjoy learning new skills and technology

10. Conveniently flexible—can easily adapt to any changes that may occur within an organization


11. Effective communicator—able to clearly relay information, both verbally and in writing

12. Able to analyze a problem/situation, and strategically plan to achieve the best possible solutions

13. Exceptional motivator, adept at inspiring others to do the best job possible

14. Highly creative, able to think of innovative ideas and solutions

15. Great problem-solver, able to outline specific, most cost-effective ways to reach a solution

16. Can successfully take a project from concept to completion

17. Persistent and hardworking—always striving to meet or exceed set goals

18. Able to prioritize and accomplish tasks in a sensible, productive order of importance

19. Expertise for functioning effectively in a team environment

20. Effective at leading other employees/team members towards achieving specific goals

21. Effective at making people feel at ease and comfortable about expressing their thoughts and opinions

22. Great listener—able to hear what customer/client is saying and trying to communicate

23. Skilled at handling multiple tasks smoothly and effectively

24. Exceptional interpersonal skills--capable of interacting with and working with a variety of personalities

25. Strong work ethic—always focused on accomplishing tasks/projects as smoothly & effectively as possible

Bonus: Strong sense of loyalty and commitment

Kit Samuels Resume Writing Service
"Professional Resume Writer Creating Resumes & Cover Letters That Will
Get You More Interviews"

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Free Resume Writing Help--25 “Resume-Ready" Phrases You Can Use To Supercharge Your Own Resume

By Kit Samuels, Professional Resume Writer
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