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Not so long ago, after plenty of winds and a few light showers, one of those wonderfully clear 'bonus' days arrived where we were able to see those gorgeous mountains surrounding Los Angeles. It made me think about the fact that my husband Gary and I had not yet taken our niece Adrianne up to Big Bear mountains to see the snow. When the next holiday season rolls around, we'll have to make this a definite priority. We'll start shopping pretty soon for snow boots and winter clothing, because with the way time passes so quickly, the holiday season will be here again before we know it.

Speaking of time, this first of a series of articles I’m creating will focus on how to make the most of it. And for your BONUS TIP—in the workplace, we'll zero in on two simple little words that people sometimes forget to say.

Golden Job Search Tip #1: Making The Most Of Your Time With Organization

Electronic organizers, iPhones and various other gadgets--they're fine, if that's what you like. But a nice plain filing cabinet, folders and a little spiral notebook works well for me anytime! Now don't get me wrong, technology's great--but when I need to jot down ideas, I need to jot them down fast! Here are some ways I like to keep myself organized, ways that can definitely work for you throughout your own job search process:

*Manual organizer--you know, the 'old- fashioned' kind that looks like a small leather notebook? They're actually not that outdated. Grab one from the nearest CVS, Walgreens or office supply store, and carry it with you always. You can use the mini-calendars inside and blank pages to write down your plans and whatever tasks lie ahead—job interviews, cold-calling sessions, resume submissions, company research and more.

*Folder organization--when responding to job advertisements, it's a great idea to paste copies of these ads on the inside of a manila or colored folder, one that's clearly labeled with the name of the company. As you're researching this company for background info, you can slip what information you've gathered inside the folder. Another thing--if you're submitting several versions of your resume to different companies, place the particular version you've submitted, or will submit, inside the labeled folder, so you can keep track of which resume you've sent out to each company.

*Immediate 24/7 organization--it's best to keep a small spiral notepad with you, meaning a 3" x 5" or 4" x 6" size, one you can easily slip into your jacket pocket or purse. That way, any job search tasks you have to complete or any ideas you get, you can quickly jot them down, and not worry about having to remember what you thought about later on.

I don’t need to tell you how much work a job search can be. Keeping yourself organized will help you breathe better, think more clearly, can actually help to reduce your stress level, and allow you to focus on your job search and the most effective and strategic ways to get yourself closer to that position you want most.

BONUS Workplace Tip: Value of Saying Good Morning

Here's one simple act that's sometimes overlooked a bit more than it should be--saying "good morning" to a fellow co- worker, supervisor, or anyone you happen to work with. Granted, there are those mornings when our hectic workdays immediately begin, and we often hit the ground running, sometimes forgetting to give out a friendly "good morning" before it all begins. And a good morning accompanied with a smile or a "how are you today" can't hurt either. It helps to remember that for the most part, you’re all on the same team, so why not make "good morning" a friendly habit? It's a good reminder that your overall objective is the same as the person's next to you-to keep the company you’re working for alive and growing.

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