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Resume Writing--Not The Easiest Thing

Ahh, the golden task of resume writing--not exactly something to be taken lightly. Still, some jobseekers will approach resume writing with that nonchalant, almost ‘I don’t give a hoot’ attitude.

As if to say, resume writing is nothing special, it’s just jotting down a bunch of dates, job history, schools and whatever else. One job hunter actually told me, “it's not resume writing that gets me the job--I get myself the job.”  Fine…but what is the real purpose of resume writing? You’ve got it—to get you to that interview!

Now let me back up. It’s actually good, solid and persuasive resume writing, I should say, that will get you that interview. Now on the flipside, I’ve known jobseekers who don’t take resume writing lightly at all—in fact, some are downright terrified of it!

One person who’s actually a friend of mine insisted that he could never handle his own resume writing. He was so nervous and soured against the task, he nearly passed up a wonderful job opportunity because of his fear of resume writing.

So if resume writing is an overwhelming task that you find to be daunting, time-consuming and something that you'd rather not tackle, what are your options?

Seeking the Help of a Resume Writing Service

Looking for a resume writing service is definitely one type of solution. But looking for a reliable, professional, and high quality resume writing service can be a chore in itself, an extra task added to the already stressful job hunt. All I can say is that when you’re looking for a resume writing service, be careful. Don’t always flock to a resume writing service that offers you the cheapest resume writing. Oh I’ve seen plenty of those ads: “I’ll write your resume for $40, $20…”

Just watch out.

Getting a bargain is a great thing, a wonderful thing, but you have to make sure that high-quality, attention-grabbing resume writing comes with this beautiful bargain. Cheapest alone isn’t always best.

Then again, you have the type of resume writing service that will charge you hundreds to create a mediocre, dare I say, even shotty resume, sometimes without a cover letter! That said, the most expensive resume writing service isn’t always the greatest.

So here’s an idea: take some time out of your schedule, grab yourself a cup of your favorite, most flavorful tea, coffee, smoothie or whatever you’d like, and start your search on the internet. When you begin searching for a reliable resume writing service, here are a few things you should look for:

1.) A resume writing service that will answer your questions. If the resume writing service you discover is reliable, they’ll be glad to answer questions you might have about the service, the resume writing process, or even a question you might have about submitting resumes & cover letters in general. This would show that this resume writing service values customer relationships, and are not just out make a fast profit and run.

2.) A resume writing service that will contact you by phone. Unfortunately, some resume writing services flat out refuse to call their customers, which I think is ridiculous. Granted, some customers may prefer contact by email, but if additional and important details are needed, which is usually the case, then a reliable resume writing service should definitely be willing to contact you by phone.

3.) A resume writing service that will ask you customized questions. Some resume writing services may collect your money and then toss out a generic, standard questionnaire that doesn’t dig very deep into your career history—which is absurd, because how on earth can any of your unique accomplishments end up on your resume? Asking customized questions is the answer. By asking you specific questions about your career history, this is the way to draw out more individualized and unique information about your career achievements.  And if you come across a resume writing service that doesn’t even offer you a questionnaire, get to running!

4.) A resume writing service that has samples available for you to look over. A resume writing service should offer you a few samples you can look at. Resume samples, and cover letter samples, placed on the website, that you can conveniently pull up and print out. This way, you’re able to get an idea of this resume writing service’s style of writing and what they can offer you.

5.) A resume writing service that offers free articles, free resume writing tips, and/or a good resume writing ezine (or online newsletter). Reading the articles offered to you by a resume writing service is another great way, sometimes an even better way of getting an idea of what the company knows and the style of writing they can achieve for you.

Free articles also say good things about the credibility of the company. Any resume writing service that offers you free articles & information, more than likely, is not an out-to-grab-your-buck-and-run kind of business. They care about you, the customer, and are looking to earn your trust and develop a true business relationship with you.

Overall, if resume writing is something you find to be confusing, even intimidating, your best bet is to search for a reliable, high-quality resume writing service. It’s understandable, with having such a busy schedule, that you would prefer to have your resume and cover letter professionally written. I’ve even heard some jobseekers say that it eases a whole lot of their job search headaches, freeing up their time so they can focus on looking for the jobs they really want.

So your best bet is to take your time, and choose a resume writing service that offers you the things described in this article. And if they’re offering to charge you a reasonable fee to boot, more than likely, you’ve found a winning resume writing service!

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