How Two Simple Words Can Help You Stand Out From The Competition
By Kit Samuels--Professional Resume Writer
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Kit Samuels, a professional resume writer with over 10 years of experience developing high-quality resumes and cover letters, understands that with so much competition flooding the job market, you need professional resume writing that stands out--resume writing that is clear, readable, and that effectively highlights your most significant career and educational achievements. Resume writing that ultimately grabs the attention of employers and results in a job interview, which leads to the position you want most. High-quality, professional resume writing is definitely something you need in this increasingly competitive job market.
Recently, my husband and I took our niece Adrianne to see that new X-Men movie (awesome, by the way). Afterwards, we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant on the Universal Citiwalk. Lunch or dinner and a movie—it’s one of the many things we like to do with Adrianne. And my husband, about 95% of the time or more, insists on treating us.

Usually, by the end of dinner, I’ll thank my hubby and once upon a time, I’d also quietly remind Adrianne to thank Uncle Gary for treating us to a great afternoon out.

Truth is, I haven’t had to remind my niece to say thank you for a long while. She says it all on her own, and when she does, even though Gary says she doesn’t have to thank him, I can see how it warms my husband’s heart.

“Thank you.” When you think about it, it’s amazing, the kind of impact those two little words can make. What I’m saying might sound a bit preachy—if so, just take a moment and place yourself on the receiving end of a thank you. Ever gave a gift to someone, and received a deeply sincere, maybe even teary-eyed thank you? How about those times you might have gotten a kiss on the cheek and a sweet little “thank you” from an appreciative child at Christmas? Or a lovely thank-you note from an appreciative salesperson, thanking you for simply being their client?

Something this powerful shouldn’t be ignored in your job search campaign. That said, it’s absolutely critical to send out a thank-you letter after each and every job interview. And don’t wait until the day after the interview, or even hours after. As soon as you hit the door, make yourself sit down and type out a clean, professional thank-you letter.

Be sure to include the correct name of the person who interviewed you, along with anyone else that you happened to meet.

Basically, just thank them for taking the time to interview you for the position of (mention it, just to reconnect your name to that position). This might seem like you’re overdoing it, but you’re not, believe me. Truth is, most of the time, you have no idea how many others are applying for the same position. With all the other people that recruiters might have to see, reminding them of who you are and what position you’re seeking can never hurt.

It also wouldn’t hurt to remind them of 2-3 of your most valuable skills, and how these skills can benefit their company.

Once you finish your thank-you letter, sign it, print it out and take it over to the post office and stick it in the wall slot. Don’t wait and do this the next day, do it right away. This way, more than likely, it’ll reach your interviewer by the very next day, when the interview with you is still fresh in his/her mind.

From a combination of my own experiences reading articles, reviewing resumes, talking with clients and speaking to some employers and recruiters, I’d say that about less than 10% of people interviewed actually take the time to do all of this. So see—sending a thank-you letter could place you above 90% or more of the competition.

So get your envelopes, stamps, and be sure to start sending your thank-you letters after each and every interview.

Here’s to your future success—don’t give up!

Kit Samuels Resume Writing Service
"Professional Resume Writer Creating Resumes & Cover Letters That Will
Get You More Interviews"

Phone: (323) 294-0048

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